The house of Riufret

At around 3km (the first part can be done by car) we can visit the remains of a house rather strange farmhouse, the Casa del RiufFret (the house of the cold river). It is built within a large cave of conglomerate rock next to the river in an inhospitable and picturesque place.

Still retains some of its rooms, walls, doors, shelves and even the oven. The news of the first inhabitants date back to 1378 and finally in 1919 the house was abandoned.

It is a trip full of contrasts: the first part soft and later steep and hilly which is the descent to go to the bottom of the valley. Once you are in the Riu Fred (cold river) it is a good time to regain your strength and take a dip; the water is so icy and clean your body will enjoy it.